Joovy Spoon Walker Best Review [April 2019]

Joovy Spoon Walker
Joovy Spoon Walker

Every parents are concern to their babies when they are trying to walk. Parents are notice that babies start trying to climb up on their feet or they sometimes using neat element like furniture, toys chair, table or what they get inside.

For helping your baby to walk fast, baby walker are designed to encourage your baby walking easily and risk free. Baby walker help your baby on balanced walk on their own feet.

In market various type of baby walker company making vary stylish products on targeting on baby safety. But both of advantages and disadvantages of a baby walker.

Joovy Spoon Walker
Joovy Spoon Walker

Using  a baby walker for your baby is very helpful for balancing properly on their own feet.

Its reduce risk of them falling down if they try to run. Beside its strong their legs when trying to run when sit on the walker.

A baby walker are not only help your baby to walking on it, but also it has some other feature that make your baby more attraction and entertainment.

Also have some other feature for parents to helping feed them. How to feed? Lets watch the video below.

Almost every baby walker has toys, baby music, letter, number etc. Other side some baby walker have extra space to give your baby food.

Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker is one of them.

Today I’m discussing A to Z about Joovy Spoon Walker.

  • What and why joovy Spoon Walker is best?
  • Pros and Cons of this baby walker.
  • Why you should buy Joovy Spoon Walker.
  • What features this walker have?
  • What the end customer say about it?
  • And conclusion.

Lets start.

Joovy Spoon Walker

Design Description:

Joovy Spoon Walker are design with good plastic and metal eliment. The seat is very soft for sit your baby.

Joovy spoon walker is a modern baby walker, its wide area and the tray are wide for helping you in baby meal time.

The chair functionality is very awesome to me.


Because, you can up or down the chair height mesurement as your baby height. Its is the best option because every baby are not same height. So you can adjust it easily.

Second things I notice that, about the wheel. Its very strong and can move easily. The wheel are in the notch so that its not harmfull for your baby feet and finger.

The seat is made for heavy duty and machine washable fabric and the main structure is constructed using very attractive, white glossy materials. The sear cover have different color.

Joovy Spoon Walker
Joovy Spoon Walker

What feature have this Walker?

  • Clean, contemporary design (all white with a splash of color. Seat is removable and machine washable.
  • Adjustable heights. (For maximum comfort. The spoon adjusts to 3 different heights)
  • Removable tray and machine washable seat. (Keep the mess with spoon’s removable tray. Dishwasher safe.
  • Space Saver (When not in use, store the spoon anywhere with its compact design)

Advantages of Joovy Spoon Walker:

  • Joovy Spoon walker provides balance between eating, playing and learning to walk.
  • This baby walker is incorporate into every room in your house.
  • Wide base ensures that little fingers won’t get pinched.
  • Seat pad is supportive and comfortable, machine washable.
  • 3 height positions, oversize wheel and non-slip stair pads
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel.
  • The spoon is entirely BPA, PVC and phthalate free. JPMA certified.

Disadvantages of Joovy Spoon Walker:

  • There is no built in toys or entertainment elements.
  • Its medium range price or quite expensive.
  • Can not shipped to Canada.

Lets Watching a video to visual review

Customer Satisfaction:

1417 customer are satisfied with 5 star review on this products.

Customer question and answer:

Do all 4 wheels swivel?

No, Only the front two wheels can swivel.

Does it roll well on carpets?

It did great on our rugs. But we don’t have any carpet. Our rugs are woven and pretty flat.

Will the Joovy Spoon Walker roll on brick pavers?

It should if there isn’t a deep grout line. Worked on our paver patio.

Is it comfortable for baby? My precious daughter is very tall, does it work for her?

Yes. It is. My son 8 months is also very tall. He is been in it for 2 months. It works great for him and it has 3 adjustable height settings.

Can the wheels be locked?

No, they can not locked

What’s the minimum child height?

From 15″ and upto 30″ is perfect.

All those question are based on real customer who buy this walker.

All the above information and images are collect from Joovy Spoon Walker website. I use video from YouTube.

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